UNIVA Japan’s business ranges from Energy Service, Facility Service, UNIVA Staff (Recruitment Service) and Food & Beverage.
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Energy Service

Since 1996, ESCO-ONE, the energy saving solution, has been introduced in many corporates. With growing community environmental awareness, we continue to provide the best possible solution to our clients.

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Facility Service

Workplace is where employees spend more than one-third of the day. As the project manager for office projects, by coordinating all aspects such as layout design, interior finishing, renovation work etc., we strive for success in every office renovation projects.

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UNIVA Staff is a professional recruitment consultancy. We are dedicated to connecting high-level overseas talents with corporates in Japan.

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Food & Beverage

Located at the Haneda Airport, “Ginza Ogura” is a decent dining space providing a wide range of traditional Japanese cuisine including Oden, Unagi Don and Tempura etc.

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An approach to contributing a better world


“Energy self-sufficiency”, “Depopulation”, “Decreasing birthrate and aging population” are the 3 major challenges in Japan.
Leaving a better world for future generations by exploring new ways of living by going beyond eco and creating innovative work styles.
Kick-start the Hokkaido Project!

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