Hokkaido Project
Beyond Eco. Creating ways to work. And Survive.
We will solve Japan’s three major problems: energy self-sufficiency, rural depopulation,
and declining birthrate and aging population, through our Lodging and Accommodation System!
What we can do for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren.
We will begin with Hokkaido, a step toward the year 2100.

What are the three major problems facing Japan?

Energy self-sufficiency

Fossil fuel self-sufficiency is low in Japan, with an energy self-sufficiency rate of about 11%. Japan relies on imports from overseas for most of its energy resources. Under these circumstances, how can we diversify our energy sources? In considering the supply mix, it is necessary to consider policies from multiple perspectives, including stable supply, economic efficiency, environmental compatibility, and safety.

Rural depopulation

Rapid population decline in the region is progressing and the depopulation problem is becoming more serious. Regions where depopulation has occurred experience a decline in infrastructure, government services, and services related to daily life, causing a further decline in population. Many rural areas are mainly built on primary industries such as agriculture, forestry, and fishing. Population decline in rural areas will have a significant impact on the supply to urban areas. The problem is not limited to rural areas.

Declining birthrate and aging population

Japan is an aging society with a declining birthrate and a declining number of young people, resulting in an “aging” population and a “declining birthrate. In rural areas, the outflow of productive population to urban areas is significantly affecting the local economy, making it difficult to maintain local governments and industries due to depopulation and aging society.

A Global Contribution Lodging and Accommodation System to Solve this Problem.
“Hokkaido Project” will start in the fall of 2022!

Hokkaido Project